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Common Mistakes We all do in Interior Designing

THERE IS A SAYING, “Design is so simple. That’s why it’s so complicated.” BY Paul Rand.
SO , here you will get to know some common mistakes that (almost) everyone makes while designing the house
#1. Wrong size rug. There’s nothing worse than getting a wrong size rug. Too big and it swallows up the room; too
Small and it doesn’t help in anchoring the space.

#2. NOT Buying Fabrics and Textiles First. A common mistake that most of us are guilty of—painting first. Put that paint brush down! First, you need to pick out the rooms fabrics and main textiles, such as rugs and curtains.
#3. placing the artwork wrong. Either placing the art too high or low will create a disturbance of the rooms flow. Each piece you hang should sit together with the furniture. An easy rule to help avoid this decorating mistake is to keep art only eight to ten inches higher than furniture.

#4. Always keeping the furniture against walls . What should be kept in mind is that the placement of furniture should be according the environment of the room; to create a more intimate setting and easy movement around the room. Always remember that chairs and sofas should face each other to create conversation areas.

#5. Undersized or oversized furniture – this often happens with people that end up buying something they thought would look so good in a particular area but ended up being too big/small for that area. So , always keep the dimensions in mind and don’t rely on just the eye to measure space before buying the furniture .

#6. Scaling is another mistake you come across. Some end up putting too many small things in one room, making it messy, while others put too many large and bulky items together, making it look stuffy. So,Ensure that your room has a proper proportion and mixture of different shapes, heights and sizes.

#7. Over-Furnishing — Just because you have large room , doesn’t mean that everything needs to be stuffed In it. creative thinking and common sense are very important when furnishing a room. Try not to overstuff the room. Let it fit the room naturally.

#8. Poor lightning .There is a tendency in several homes to block natural light sources with badly placed curtains and furniture. Brighten up you room and allow natural light to seep through.

#9. Too much matchy-matchy. The same color of furniture, curtains, throw pillows, rugs will be a childish display. It is better that you opt for the colors that go perfectly with the combination.

#10. Putting many small decorative things often gives a cluttered look to the room . so , avoid doing the same , instead try to put large pieces for a classy look