Fill up the corners

Why waste the corner of the house when you can convert it into an attractive one. here are some ways or ideas to make use of these nooks and give them a beautiful look.

The first and very easy way to fill up the area by placing a big leaved beautiful plant at a corner of the house. It will brighten the room with its so pure green color. Not only this but it will also evoke freshness, purity, and eco-friendly feeling all around the house.

You can also place a winged chair or accent chair which has got some statement and behold your cozy nook. It will be a perfect corner to read the book, sip tea, relax and stare out of the window.

Putting up a shelf in a corner would not only good to store things but also to decorate it with beautiful and attractive items like bottle lamps or beautiful plants.
Another way to fill up the corner is too illuminate the area through big and beautiful floor lamps. they come in varieties of shape, material, and heights.