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How to Add Architectural Detail to any Wall

Add molding to the wall of your living, dining, lobby, or any space which will add some character and charm to the area. It will not only change the look of the scenario from basic to interesting but also is very impact. So, here we will discuss about the types of paneling which will enhance the look of any space.You can give your wall a complete different look by Applying Box Paneling. It gives rich and sophisticated look. Also it is very easy toinstall, just add strips to your existing wall and paint it all.

You can go for Applied Molding which gives very formal and decorative look. You can also customize the sizes of the boxes according to your design and needs.

If you want to have old and traditional look, you can go for Board and Batten Paneling. It consist of wide “Board” and narrow “batten” installed in each row.

Another one is Wainscot Paneling or half way method that goes to a portion of the length of the wall. It enhances any space and give it a contemporary look.

You can also go for Horizontal Paneling, just the opposite of what we did in vertical paneling. It can be used in small rooms to make it appear wider than it is.