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How to Beautifully Design a Puja Room

A puja room is a very sacred and auspicious space that you have at your home. It does not only provides the calmness and tranquility but also rejuvenate the body and mind and provides positivity to the whole area. It is prefer to be located in the north east direction according to vastu. In today’s modern living, apartments do not come with separate puja unit so here we bring you our design ideas which can help in placing your deities and providing a positive aura around it.
You can have a separate wooden standalone unit with a storage and mantra carved at the back of the unit with a lighting on it which illuminate the entire unit.

interior designer in noida

The best thing about standalone unit is that it does not require much space and is most budget friendly option.
You can also place bells on door or in the center of the room, so that the tinkling sound produced by creates a sense of positive energy and the sound also removes the negativity.

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You can also have a beautiful wooden carved design with a symmetrical pillars just like we did in this above image.