Maximizing The Space in the Living Area

Having a small space is not a problem but to maximize it, is a great task to put on. So here are few ways to maximize your area and to give it a welcoming look.

The very first thing to keep in mind is to combine function with fashion. In order to maximize the space we often forget to make it look classy and attractive. So in this blog we will not only talk about how to maximize the space but also how to make it look good. So the right treatment of wall, ceiling and flooring is very important.If you have windows, then you are lucky as windows make a room look larger than it is and it gives a feeling of transparency and openness. And if not, then no worries, you can add mirrors on the wall as it creates an illusion and the space appear to be large and wall features creates a focal point to the room.You can give it a twist of colors like white wall with yellow frame. Paint the walls of the room with a lighter and brighter shade like white, hazelnut or ivory.

Place vertically long plants to make your room look heightened, as green is a color of freshness, harmony, nature so it brings a room to life. Always have the ample amount of lighting in a room to avoid dullness and it will brighten the ambience of the room.